If you're a fan of revolvers then you will love the Green Gas Silver Savaging Bull 4 Inch Barrel Magnum Revolver Pistol. This fantastic Airsoft revolver is one of the most realistic Airsoft guns ever made. This bad boy is able to do everyth...ing its real counterpart can do. Because it's double action you can pull the hammer back, the cylinder will revolve and you can pull the trigger or you can just pull the trigger to fire the gun. Just like a real revolver the cylinder swings out revealing 6 removable shells that act as 1 shot magazines which are loaded into the cylinder one by one. The Green Gas Silver Savaging Bull is made out of plastic and metal parts so it feels solid in your hands. If you love revolvers then do yourself a favor and get the Green Gas Silver Savaging Bull 4 Inch Barrel Magnum Revolver Pistol.

I filled mine with a butane lighter filler and it worked fine

* Silver Chrome ot Black with ergo pistol grip, Plastic and Metal Construction
* 280 FPS with .20g BBs
* 4 Inch Bull Barrel with fixed sights
* 6 round BB Capacity, Loads into Metal Shells
* Functional Safety Switch
* Fixed Hop Up
* Green Gas Non-Blowback
* Double Action, Cock the Hammer then Fire or pull the trigger to activate and slam the hammer.
* Green Gas loads into the grip
* 1 BB per Shell, then load the shells into the rotating cylinder
* 30day TSD Warranty
* Also Included are 6 Metal Shells, 100 rounds of .20g BBs, & Instruction Manual. We recommend using high quality TSD Tactical .20g BBs. Using high quality BBs can eliminate over 50% of defective/malfunction issues.

.45 Savaging Bull Film Prop Gun 7-18-2012