The Fallout 3 laser rifle

The Fallout 3 laser rifle is the perfect addition to your man cave wall (right next to your and Portal gun and collection of ray guns of course). This bad boy looks every inch the real deal. The weapon is a painstakingly designed prop of wood, metal and bit of styrene. Looking at it you’d have expect laser bursts to begin spouting from it.

The project is a 30 hour build from start to finish. The start is with precise blueprints. Medium density fiberboard cut and shaped, forms the template for the gun.

The different parts of the gun are finely held together using fiber boards of different thickness with a mix of aluminum (for the lower support rod) and steel (for the upper barrel pipe). Molded styrene went into the finish for the gun grips, the cell eject lever and front barrel area.

Smaller details were filled in with countersunk Phillips screws for the recessed areas and Apoxie Sculpt for the raised pucks on the grip and stock.

But the gun would be just a block of assembled wood without the paint job. A coat of primer followed up with acrylic paints and matte tones gives it that weathered through-many-a-battle look. As acknowledged by Harrison, the gun is a hasty make. More detailing and you could some mutants of your own with this FPS laser shooter in your hands.